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Bengaluru: Detectives from the Anti-Corruption Unit (Bengaluru) of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) recently registered an FIR against three businessmen of Hassan and others for producing false bank statements and using loans of Rs 5.6 crore from the State Bank of India, Hassan branch.
The alleged fraud came to light when SBI officials approached the accountants representing the businessmen and cross-checked the bank account information provided by the accused. Bank officials filed the complaint after the CAs confirmed the details were falsified.
The FIR identified the defendants as Ranganathaswamy Motors, Ranganathaswamy Communications and its partners, N Pratap, N Pradeep and Vasantha de Hassan, among others. The complaint was lodged by Mr. Sripathi, Regional Director, SBI-Hassan. The FIR recorded by ACB-CBI reads: “In 2017 Ranganathaswamy Communications and Ranganathaswamy Motors approached the bank to take over their loans from Canara Bank, Hassan and Standard Chartered Bank, respectively, and the bank sanctioned the loans. in March 2017. ”
In addition, it was alleged in the complaint that at the time of renewal of the working capital facilities after one year, the financial statements submitted by the borrowers were forwarded to AC HC Manjunath and HS Nandini Manjunath to confirm whether they were genuine. The CAs refused the certification and signature in the financial statements for 2016-2017. They also confirmed that the audited financial statements submitted by borrowers for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 did not match those initially certified by them.
The borrowers were accused of colluding with unknown officials and individuals and of creating falsified financial statements purported to be signed and issued by the aforementioned accountants. They presented them as genuine documents in front of the bank to sanction the loans, causing it to lose 5.6 crore rupees, the FIR says.


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