Foreign credit: is it possible in France and at what rate?


Are you looking for foreign credit? Are you a foreigner and want to obtain a loan in France? Or do you want to obtain a credit from abroad to buy a property in France? Are you a frontier worker? Getting credit is not always easy in these situations. We have tried to go around the question.

Foreign credit: you are not of French nationality

Foreign credit: you are not of French nationality

To reassure you right away, you can get foreign credit in France. You will have to meet certain conditions almost like any other borrower. It will probably even be easier than applying for a credit for retirees. What interests credit agencies is whether you are creditworthy and whether they will be able to get in touch with you if you have problems with arrears.

Don’t worry, a credit for foreigners in France is quite possible with the largest credit organizations. As there is no credit without proof, you will have to provide all the requested documents in your file. The only difference from a loan for foreigners is that the proof of identity must be a passport or their national identity document.

Cheapest foreign loan

As with any other loan, you have to find the cheapest foreign credit. To increase the chances of being accepted at the best rate, you can complete our questionnaire. You will get the best credit podium. Then you can deposit up to 3 files with one click! You will get responses from the cheapest agencies in real time.

You will get an evaluation without engagement of the cheapest organization which will allow you to know what are your concrete chances of obtaining the best foreign credit rate and thus to know if you must also question the organization which offers the second best rate and the third best rate.

Conditions for obtaining foreign credit

Conditions for obtaining foreign credit

The conditions for obtaining a credit for foreigners are roughly the same as for other borrowers. All the information to properly fill in the file has been gathered in our file: Credit request.

The main difference is the type of credentials you will need to provide. For a foreign loan, you will be asked not only for proof of identity but also for your residence permit in France. And there you have it, that’s the main difference.

Proof of credit

What you need to understand is that a credit institution needs stability and needs to foresee that nothing financially serious will happen in the years to come and in particular during the term of the foreign loan that you are contracting. So they need to make sure that you are going to continue making money and that you are not going to disappear by leaving an unpaid debt.

They will therefore ask for proof of income such as a salary slip, even the tax sheet, or even a bank statement. It allows them to check the declarations you have completed in the questionnaire (so there is no point in making a false statement in the online credit questionnaire!) But also to check how long you have been working. Because the longer you have been working, the more it is considered that you will not lose your job or find one more easily. It is this stability that is sought, for a foreign credit or as for any personal credit.

And it’s exactly the same for your home. What is wanted is stability. Not only does the proof of address validate the declared address but it is also the length of service at this address that interests them. The longer you have lived at the same address, the less likely you are to move. The last point of stability that is looked at is that of the family. Again, no differences for foreign credit. The longer you have been in the same situation, the more important your stability is considered.

Foreign credit at what price

Again, there are no differences for foreign credit. Credit is always too expensive! This is also why Astro Finance very regularly checks all the rates of the largest credit organizations and classifies them from the cheapest to the most expensive. Our daily struggle for cheap credit makes it easy for our customers to find the cheapest credit that meets their needs. To further simplify the chances of obtaining the cheapest credit, we have developed a single questionnaire. It will allow you to make only one entry and to deposit several files with one click!

Foreign credit for problem in France

Foreign credit for problem in France

If the search for a credit abroad is to flee French financial organizations, to flee problems of arrears on already existing credits or problems of filing, foreign credit is not a solution.

If you take out a new loan when you are already having money problems trying to avoid this problem, you will only dig it out. We recommend that you put yourself in touch with associations whose aim is to help people who have money problems and who need credit. To name just one, we recommend the Crespus association, which is present in each region. Here is the email address for the Paris region: but you will find it in all regions.