Houston-area credit union pumps up customers with new Buc-ee card


Buc-ee fanatics, rejoice! As consumers grapple with soaring prices, those Beaver Nuggets and gas purchases are getting cheaper for some credit cardholders.

A New Houston Area Credit Union Credit Card TDECU offers a five percent discount for in-store and pump purchases of Buc-ee made with the card. TDECU says holders of the new Buc-ee Platinum Mastercardfeaturing the iconic Buc-ee logo, can take advantage of the discount at participating Buc-ee stores.

“We are excited to share the expanded benefits of our Buc-ee partnership with our members, at a time when they need it most,” said Isaac Johnson, TDECU President and CEO, in a statement. hurry. “Buc-ee’s travel hubs have become their own must-visit destinations, and we’re excited to give our members another reason to stop along their financial journeys.”

TDECU members with other Mastercard or Visa credit cards will continue to receive a 10 cents per gallon discount on fuel pumped from Buc-ee stores.

Buc-ee’s and TDECU are based in Lake Jackson.

Buc-ee’s operates 35 stores in Texas and locations in seven other states. Its stores are known for their massive size, spotless restrooms, and Beaver Nuggets snacks.

TDECU (Texas Dow Employees Credit Union) is the largest credit union in the Houston area. It operates 37 branches in the region.


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