Kinecta Federal Credit Union Review 2022: Branch Access and APY Vouchers


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Quick take: Kinecta Federal Credit Union caters to customers who live in Southern California, although it also offers membership to residents of Texas, New York, and a few other states. It offers a standard range of bank accounts, as well as loans, credit cards, investment products and business accounts.

  • Product scope
  • To access
  • APY
  • Digital experience

How did we calculate this?


  • Large shared network of branches and ATMs
  • APY vouchers on certificates

The inconvenients

  • High minimum balance requirements to avoid checking account fees
  • Only one savings account option

About Kinecta Federal Credit Union

Kinecta is headquartered in Manhattan Beach, Calif., and ranks 35e– the biggest box in the United States, with over 270,000 members and over $6.5 billion in assets. The credit union has more than 30 branches, but members can also use more than 5,800 shared credit union branches and more than 85,000 ATMs at no additional national scale.

Kinecta is one of Top 100 banks on GOBankingRates 2022 survey.

Verify Accounts

Kinecta Federal Credit Union offers two check accounts: Classic Control and Control Plus. Both come with mobile banking and check deposits, free bill payment with payment guarantee, access to co-op ATMs nationwide, and access to co-op branches nationwide.

Classic Checking has a $4.95 monthly service fee that can be waived in a number of ways, including maintaining an average monthly balance of $1,500. The website does not list any minimum opening deposit or balance requirements.

Checking Plus is a paid account that pays very competitive rates. The account has a monthly fee of $9 which is waived for the first three months. After that, it can be waived with an average monthly balance of $2,500 or direct deposits of at least $500. Checking Plus pays a annual percentage return of on sales up to $24,999, on balances from $25,000 to $49,999 and on balances of $50,000 or more.

Savings accounts

Kinecta offers a traditional savings account. The minimum opening deposit is $5 and there are no monthly service fees. Dividends are paid quarterly. The APY is which is lower than what you will find in many other banks.

Money market accounts

Kinecta members also only have one money market account option, but it pays decent rates if you have the right amount of money. The Credit Union High Yield Money Market Account requires an opening deposit of $10,000. No monthly service charge is listed on the website.

This account pays tiered interest rates ranging from at . To get the highest rate, you need a balance of $100,000 or more.

Share certificates

Like many credit unions, Kinecta offers stock certificates rather than CD, but they both work the same way. Members can choose from Regular, Jumbo, Liquid, College Saver, and Youth Club certificates.

Regular and Jumbo certificates are available in terms of three months to five years, and both pay tiered interest rates. The minimum opening deposit is $100 for regular certificates and $100,000 for jumbo certificates.

The liquid certificate has a term of 12 months and a minimum opening deposit of $100. College Saver and Youth certificates also have a minimum opening deposit of $100, but you’ll need to call a branch for terms and other information.

Pricing is tiered and generally very good for Kinecta certificates. The APY for the regular one-year certificate is , with lower rates for shorter durations and higher rates for longer durations. Jumbo certificate rates are also higher.

How Kinecta Federal Credit Union earned its scores

The following factors were considered in rating Kinecta Federal Credit Union.

Product scope

You’ll find all the basic bank accounts at Kinecta, but not many options for each type. Members have only two checking accounts, a savings account and a money market account to choose from. But they also have access to loans, credit cards, investment products and business accounts.

To access

Although Kinecta Federal Credit Union is concentrated in a limited geographic area, members have access to an extensive network of branches and ATMs. In addition to its own branches, Kinecta is part of a network of more than 5,800 credit union branches. It also provides access to more than 85,000 ATMs without supplement at national scale.


With the exception of his savings account, which pays out an APY of , Kinecta offers very competitive rates on its accounts. Checking Plus pays an APY up to while you can get APYs as high as with his money market account and an APY of on the one-year certificate.

Digital experience

Some people might find that the Kinecta Federal Credit Union website makes it difficult to find comprehensive information about its basic banking products. However, on the positive side, Kinecta’s mobile app receives decent user reviews, earning 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play and 4.7 stars on the Apple Store.

Kinecta Federal Credit Union vs Competitors

Kinecta has several credit union rivals in California. Here’s a look at how it compares to the competition.

Box Best for
Kinecta Federal Credit Union Access to the national branch and APY with high certificate
Golden 1 Credit Union Extensive branch network in California
Patelco Credit Union High Money Market Rates, Low Minimum CD
First Tech Federal Credit Union High verification and savings rates

Kinecta Federal Credit Union vs. Golden 1 Credit Union

Golden 1 Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in California, as well as the nation, with over one million members, over $18 billion in assets and over 70 branches and mortgage lending centers across California . Kinecta can’t match those numbers, but it does offer two checking account options compared to Golden 1’s only option.

Kinecta Federal Credit Union vs. Patelco Credit Union

Patelco Credit Union serves the San Francisco Bay Area and exceeds Kinecta in money market account rates, with up to APY. Kinetca has the advantage with the at APY on his remunerated current account, which exceeds the APY at Patelco.

Kinecta Federal Credit Union v First Technology Federal Credit Union

First Technology Credit Union offers higher returns than Kinecta on its checking and savings accounts, with APYs of up to on the old and on the latter. But First Tech only has seven branches in California compared to Kinecta’s 32, making Kinecta the best choice for customers in the state who prefer in-person banking.

Final take

Kinecta Federal Credit Union offers a solid line of financial services and products to residents of Southern California and a few other markets. Its member benefits are unique, with local deals and discounts on various events and attractions. Money market and certificate accounts have competitive interest rates and members have access to an extensive network of branches and ATMs, making it a good choice for those in its service area.

Kinecta Federal Credit Union FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Kinecta Federal Credit Union.

  • Who is Kinecta Federal Credit Union?
    • Kinecta Federal Credit Union is a federally chartered credit union based in Manhattan Beach, California.
  • Who did Kinecta merge with?
    • Kinecta merged with Xceed Financial FCU. The merger has been official since April 1, 2021.
  • Who can join Kinecta Federal Credit Union?
    • Membership is open to the following people:
    • – Aany immediate family or household member of a Kinecta Member
    • – Any Selected Employer Group (SEG) employee and immediate family or household members
    • – Aany member of the Innovision Society, which requires a $10 non-refundable membership fee to the Innovision Society although Kinecta will cover the costs
    • – Aany resident, employee or student in certain ZIP codes
  • Is Kinecta Federal Credit Union FDICinsured?
  • Do does Kinecta Federal Credit Union use Zelle?
    • You can receive funds from Zelle using your Kinecta debit card.

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