Kiski Area High School Students to Gain Experience at the Credit Union Office


Students at Kiski Area Senior High School will have the chance to gain real-world financial experience next year.

The school board has approved the establishment of a Pheple Federal Credit Union branch in the high school starting in the fall.

“The credit union actually trains our kids and pays them to work,” Superintendent Misty Slavic said. “Our students will be training this summer.”

Slavic said that although the arrangement is not an integral part of the program, it involves life skills such as money management, which complement parts of the program.

The branch will not be there just for Kiski Area students and staff, according to Slavic.

When asked if the public will be able to use the office for credit union business, she replied, “If they wish, yes, but they will not be able to have access to the building.”

She said it’s because the branch has a secure “mousetrap” type setup that allows the public into the office but blocks access to the rest of the building.

“We have the space right now, it’s just a matter of moving tables and chairs,” Slavic said.

Safety was an issue that school board member Michelle Schmidt addressed by voting to approve the agreement with Pheple, formerly Westmoreland Community Federal Credit Union. The name is short for “People Helping People”.

“I would definitely want to make sure it stays secure because we don’t want people walking through the building,” Schmidt said. “I also like the idea that we can cancel it at any time.”

Kiski Area will apparently only become the second school district in Westmoreland County to have a Pheple Credit Union branch.

“Penn Trafford has been doing it for a while,” Slavic said.


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