Loan of 5.5 billion naira: Taraba pensioners renew their protests


Pensioners in Taraba state renewed their mass protests after 30 days of consecutive protests in August.

The resumption of protests on Monday followed the new 5.5 billion naira loan approved for Governor Darius Ishaku by the Taraba State Legislative Assembly last Wednesday.

Protesting pensioners, who marched to the state House of Assembly, Jalingo, questioned what had been done with loans received from various financial institutions, as well as a recent federal government bailout and repayment trumpeted from the Parisian club.

Speaking on behalf of the pensioners, Pensioners State Chairman Comrade Silas Jafta demanded payment of their dues, insisting that the government owes the people to account for its use of all funds received by the Governor since 2015.

“We came out again to protest for our rights,” Comrade Jafta told his co-protesters.

We want Governor Ishaku to be sensitive and pay us our retirement benefits.

“The governor collected a lot of loans. He has no plan to indicate as to the use he has made of the money. He continues to borrow and Taraba State is gradually becoming the most indebted state in Nigeria, but our rights are still disregarded after more than ten years of retirement.

“As we demand that the N5.5 billion loan which was approved last week for the completion of the main roads be used to start our duty payments. We also demand an immediate investigation into all monies collected by the Governor as he has no reasonable plans on the ground.

Meanwhile, Taraba State Assembly Speaker Prof. Joseph Albasu Kunini reportedly refused to deal with the protesting retirees, who had waited for more than four hours at the door of the assembly.

Reacting to the N5.5 billion loan, the Labor Party and APC gubernatorial candidates in the state, Senator Danlami Ikenya and Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, opposed the House of Commons decision. state assembly.

They questioned the governor’s ability to repay the 5.5 billion naira in the remaining seven months of his administration. As such, it should not be allowed to increase the government’s debt burden so much.

Reporting by Sani Sulaiman; Editing by Fany Olumoye, Omotola Oguneye and Tony Okerafor


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