HOUSING LOANS: It is unrealistic to expect commercial banks to provide long-term loans because they do not have corresponding long-term deposits. Home loan schemes are not successful in Pakistan because the potential borrower does not have the deposit, say, up to 25%, nor can they afford the heavy installments of short-term loans. These programs can only be beneficial if the deposit is reduced to 5-10% and the term of the loan is extended to 30 years or until retirement age.

Sohail Kizilbash
Fethiye, Turkey

UNIT OF MEASUREMENT: This is in reference to the report ‘Punjab ups wheat support price to Rs2,200 per 40kg’ (Feb28). The calculation of 40 kg is used because it is the round figure of the equivalent of “maund” which was used decades ago. I wonder why this calculation method is still used.

Departments should use kilograms and quintals (100 kg) for general understanding by the general public.

Inayat Ullah Sheikh

TRAFFIC DISEASE: The best way to judge the element of discipline in a nation is to see the behavior of the populace in the streets. In this regard, unfortunately, we are somewhere near rock bottom.

Until a few years ago, at least Islamabad had a smooth traffic system, but that is no longer the case. Lack of parking spaces is a major problem in the city and there are no checks and balances on illegal parking. The authorities concerned should look into the matter.

saad hassan

STREET CRIMES: The area around Hub Chowki has seen a surge in crime, forcing people to stay off the streets after 10 p.m. due to growing uncertainty. In a recent incident, mobile phones and money were stolen from three people by attackers on motorbikes. The police on duty showed no interest in prosecuting the culprits.

Ahsanullah Mengal

Posted in Dawn, March 6, 2022


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