Logix Federal Credit Union marketing volunteers at the Carousel Ranch.


“Although we’ve been contributing to Carousel Ranch for years, volunteering with our department has really made a more meaningful connection to them, as our colleagues have rolled up their sleeves and helped work on the ranch,” said Stacey Klein, Specialist. principal of community relations. . “We were able to meet students from the nonprofit’s Ready to Work program and learn how their lives have been improved by being part of this amazing organization.”
Earlier this year, the ranch purchased a new storage building with funds provided by the City of Santa Clarita Community Services Grant. The group organized the contents of the shed, now sponsored annually by Logix, and it will house work tools, equipment and other resources.
“We welcome volunteers year-round to help make a difference at Carousel Ranch. It’s a working ranch, so there’s always something to do,” Deputy Executive Director Taylor Adachi said. “We were thrilled to announce that the credit union will be sponsoring Norah, our Norwegian fjord, this year. We hope that more of their employees will visit us soon.
To end the day, Logix staff took a private tour of Farm Sanctuary in Acton, the first non-profit organization created to combat cruelty to farm animals. “Hearing the stories of the rescued animals was heartbreaking,” said Community Relations Manager Alethia Calagias. “It was rewarding to learn more about what this organization is doing to protect animals, especially those impacted by the food industry. It’s an incredible resource to learn from, right here in our own backyard.
Public tours are available on weekends; visit www.farmsanctuary.org for more details.
More information about Carousel Ranch is available at www.carouselranch.org.
For Logix branch hours, services and locations, please visit www.lfcu.com or call (800) 328-5328.


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