New student loan options with American Airlines Federal Credit Union


American Airlines Cadet Academy and American Airlines Credit Union announced a new partnership, bringing an additional suite of new financial options for incoming applicants accepted into the Cadet Academy program.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with American Airlines to provide tuition financing and personalized care and services to this specialized group of students,” said Lori Hall, Senior Vice President, Credit Union, Member Experience. “Our comprehensive financial wellness program is designed to help the next generation of pilots balance their technical skills with the financial education needed to succeed in their future careers.”

As part of Credit Union’s Cadet Academy Comprehensive Funding Program, loans will be available in low fixed and variable rate options and are designed to cover all expenses, including housing costs and allowances.

This partnership with the Credit Union makes the Cadet Academy the only program of its kind with two financial partnerships dedicated to supporting cadets entering its program. These diverse financial options have been designed to help remove the financial barriers faced by potential pilots while supporting the gradual growth of the pilot population and creating greater diversity among future and current pilots.

“We continue to increase our pilot hiring efforts this year and beyond, including additional investments in our Cadet Academy program,” said Christina Flores, general manager of recruiting and aviation programs at American. . “Our work to develop and diversify the pilot profession is well underway. A critical part of this effort is our commitment to finding more innovative ways to reach aspiring young aviators and support them, financially and through mentorship, on their journey to a career in aviation.

Fabiola Sanchez, a Cadet Academy graduate and first officer at Envoy, a wholly-owned regional carrier of American Airlines, knows first-hand how important these funding programs can be in securing a future on deck. flight. “Before Cadet Academy, I had never committed to local flight schools because I knew I would need a co-signer to receive financial assistance,” Fabiola said. “I was able to take out a loan on my own and join a structured program that helped me complete all the requirements to become an airline pilot in the shortest possible time. Without the Cadet Academy and the funding it provided, it would have easily taken years longer to realize my dreams.

“Having helped generations of active, retired and former airline employees and their families, we have never lost touch with the importance of supporting and staying connected with our colleagues in the airline industry. air transportation,” said the president and director of the Credit Union. CEO Gail Enda. “We look forward to welcoming the next generation of pilots as we provide new ways to help these students achieve their dreams.”

About American Airlines Cadet Academy
The American Airlines Cadet Academy is a one-of-a-kind program that launched in 2018, providing aspiring pilots with the training, funding, and mentorship opportunities needed to become professional aviators on one of 100’s owned regional carriers. % by American — Envoy, PSA or Piedmont — and possibly American. The program’s mission is to bridge the gap between a future pilot’s dreams and reality by connecting future pilots with flight school funding opportunities. The training program also provides the resources and support needed to enter the decorated but demanding profession. Since its launch, approximately 600 cadets have enrolled in the program. Learn more and apply at


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