Online Loan: first home and appliances

As regards the Uni Bank online loan , it is defined on the portal of the financial company as “ Uni Bank Immobiliare ”, a fixed-rate loan that offers the advantage of allowing real guarantees such as the mortgage on the asset to be purchased, the absence of notary fees and preliminary inquiries, the possibility of initiating the investigation itself via online upload and of having access to credit up to 60000 euros according to the latest offer on the financial company portal.

Online Loan: Requirements and characteristics

Online Loan

The requirements to apply for the Uni Bank online first home loan and appliances are between 18 and 75 years of age, a demonstrable income, residence in Italy. It is possible to obtain total financing with the disbursement of the amount to the bank current account normally used.

With Uni Bank Immobiliare today you can get an amount of € 24,000 to be repaid in 8 years with monthly installments of € 348.5 at a fixed rate of 8.74%, with a Taeg of 9.1%, paying at the end in reality 33456 euros.

Start of online investigation

It is then possible for other amounts to consult the Uni Bank website and with a calculator carry out a loan simulation by entering the Tan, the Taeg, the number of installments, the monthly amount to be repaid, the total amount due. To access Uni Bank Immobiliare you have to fill in a form, wait for the answer on the feasibility, send the documentation to start the investigation also through online upload, follow the procedure of the inquiry in real time from the Uni Bank website “lamiarichiesta” aimed at monitoring by customers of the loan applications under evaluation.

Necessary documents

The documents to be presented are a photocopy of an identity document, the last bill paid for gas, for electricity, for the telephone, a photocopy of the tax code, the last two payslips and it is an employee, the Model CU or pension pay slips if it is a pensioner, the Income Model and F24 receipts of the fees paid if it is a freelancer.

Exchange and Installment Jump

Through the installment and jump rate options, the Uni Bank online prima casa and appurtenances loan allows you to change the monthly payment amount between a minimum and a maximum as indicated in the contract; this can be done on the website in the reserved area or via sms or at a company Customer Center. For the Installment Jumping you must have the first six monthly installments already paid regularly with bank debit and you can skip the payment of three installments that are queued to the amortization plan; the option can be exercised three times and at a distance of twelve months between one request and another.

Other characteristics

Other loan

As regards the non-payment of an installment, you can heal your position by bank transfer, postal current account slip, online credit card reserved area. The offer for the 60000 euros was valid until the end of February 2017. The Uni Bank Immobiliare is used to purchase the first home, the mini apartment, the second home and the relative appurtenances, such as garages or garage. Another advantage that Uni Bank guarantees is the use of the digital signature that makes the loan 100% online, together with the absence of other ancillary costs and the possibility of changing the installment without additional costs.

Insurance and home banking policy

Insurance and home banking policy

The insurance combined with the loan is “Progetto Protetto Habit”, which consists of a theft, fire and civil liability policy. Another option of the Uni Bank online prima casa and pertinenza loan is the “MyBank” service, which allows rapid identification and automatic compilation of bank transfer data with a charge of 1 euro for the security required by the Anti-Money Laundering Regulation. In this way it is possible to access the use of the smart card for the digital signature which avoids having to go to the company branch to carry out any new operation on the stipulated mortgage.