Prepare for the water supply as student loans mature


Expect the next series of bloody stories – what will happen next, you will be told, is certainly a hate crime, possibly even genocide.

Here’s the scoop: Millions of bad debtors who took a two-year vacation so they didn’t have to pay off their student loans will now have to… start paying back the money they borrowed to get their absurd, worthless college degrees.

Being forced to repay a debt you have voluntarily accumulated and signed binding legal contracts to repay – how un-American is that?

The not-so-intimidating letters from the federal government began to come out late last week, and history erupted when Chasten Buttigieg, the wife of US Transportation Security, posted the notice on social media with her responnse :

“LOL no thanks Merry Christmas next door.”

Remember, the better half of Chasten earns $ 221,400 a year and has a big Democratic (i.e., seven-figure) pound deal like Andrew Cuomo’s. Pete just took a few months off with full pay. They own a property on Lake Michigan, but have complained about having to spend $ 4,500 a month to rent an apartment in Washington which, in short, has no hangout.

And now this last indignity! Chasten, along with millions of others, is in fact asked to… repay the money he borrowed.

AOC, for her part, is feeling her pain – she owes $ 17,000 in student loans, so she could only afford a Tesla and a designer French Bulldog puppy with her annual salary of $ 174,000 in Congress.

This latest series of jaw-dropping stories will feature the usual “lawyers” and “experts” predicting the end of civilization if tattooed slackers have to pay off their loans at the rate of around $ 400 per month.

Whenever any of these multi-billion dollar panic-related documents are shut down, Armageddon is always predicted. Do you remember the end of the moratorium on evictions last summer? The “lawyers” predicted mass homelessness. Nothing happened.

Are you old enough to remember when the media covered real news? They had, you know, beats – City Hall, State House, police, etc.

Now the only rhythm that matters is the rhythm of the Apocalypse. Omicron! Delta! Global warming! Global cooling! Tornadoes! Evictions! Student loans! The same low IQ “journalists” move from fake disaster to fake disaster, citing “experts” who gloomily predict a disaster that will never happen.

The great thing about Apocalypse Beat is that it’s so easy. No shoe leather is used. Fact-checking is unnecessary because every story is 100 percent fact-free. When nothing happens, after all the doomsday headlines, no one is demanding a correction.

As usual on Apocalypse Beat, the lawyers are already deployed. Have you ever heard of the Student Debt Crisis Center? What about the Student Borrowers Protection Center, which identifies itself as “a non-profit student loan advocacy organization.”

If deadbeat hippies fail, experts at nonprofits tremble, “they could be subject to wage garnishment.”

You mean, like you don’t pay alimony or child support? It’s not that this is a major concern for most parties involved – you need to have a job before you can start worrying about your wage garnishment.

Consider who’s going to complain about having to pay off their student loans – many of them have had to cheat their landlords for over a year. Until Labor Day, they grabbed not only unemployment, but also $ 300 more per week from federal welfare.

The food stamp allowance has just been increased by 21% at all levels. If they have children, non-active classes get an additional $ 300 per month in social assistance per child.

But making nominal payments on their student loans will destroy their lives.

One of the subjects they used to require in some high schools in Massachusetts was Latin. I can’t read Cicero in the original, but I still remember some phrases, one of which is:

“Bouncer warning”. Let the buyer beware.

I’m not sure how much Chasten Buttigieg owes, but he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a double major in world studies and theater.

He went on to obtain a Masters of Education from DePaul University. And as if that wasn’t enough, according to his Wikipedia biography, he was a “Fellow” at Harvard Institute of Politics – Camelot High, where Sonny McDonough said people were going to learn how to lose elections.

Considering the demographics of most of these student loan gold bricks, you would assume that Dementia Joe’s caregivers would be very much in favor of continuing this scam. So he must have probed very badly – of all those who did not go to college, or paid their own or their children’s expenses, or who in fact did not specialize in … world studies and theater .

When taxpayers hear these crooks complaining that we should foot the bill for their bogus diplomas, after saying “Bouncer Warning”, we ask ourselves the obvious questions:

If you get your college loans paid off, can’t I pay back some of the money I owe? My mortgage maybe? My credit card bills or my truck payment? My property taxes? My winter vacation? What if I paid my tuition fees, am I now entitled to… repairs?

As a texter on my radio show put it, “My car needs an oil change. Will you pay it?

An elder mentioned that he will be celebrating his 72nd birthday. He has a 401 (k) retirement account and will therefore need to start making withdrawals. It’s a federal mandate, not because the federal government cares about your golden years, but because they want them reduced – in income taxes you will owe on disbursement.

Remember, unlike student loans, nothing in your 401 (k) is borrowed money. You put everything in there. But the authorities are going to get your money back because … you turned 72.

“I don’t want to pay these taxes,” said my interlocutor. “If these people don’t have to pay back money that isn’t even theirs, why should I be paying taxes on my own money?

That’s a question no one has ever asked Chasten Buttigieg at Camelot High.


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