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Destroy Your Student Loan Debt: The Step-by-Step Plan to Pay Off Your Student Loans Faster
Anthony ONeal
Debt sucks. Period. And that includes student loan debt. It doesn’t matter what you believed – or what you were told – when you took out your loans, you seriously need to get rid of your debts quickly, because it costs you more than you think. That’s why bestselling author Anthony ONeal wrote this motivational 64-page quick read, to show you why and how to get rid of your debt fast. If you have student loan debt and you’ve never heard of Ramsey Solutions or the 7 Steps to Baby, this 64-page quick read is for you. Anthony will take you step by step through baby steps 1 and 2 to show you how to cancel your debt forever.

I wrote this book to pay off my student loans
Bland Alexandria

Alexandria Bland has had enough of the student loan struggle and is ready to live a life of abundance. In this collection of essays, she shares her thoughts on topics such as education, relationships, music and more in an effort to raise money to end her student loans. If you’re looking for a book on a bunch of random things that brainless people who hate student loans can relate to, you’re in luck. I wrote this book to pay off my student loans, it’s that and more.


The Money Challenge for Teens: Prepare for College, Avoid Debt, and Live Generously
Art Rainer

Today’s teens face more financial opportunities and threats than ever before, from summer jobs and scholarships to credit card applications and student loans. How are young people supposed to learn to avoid the first pitfalls that could devastate their financial future and instead take steps that can prepare them for a future filled with security, contentment and generosity? The Money Challenge For Teens can help. Author Art Rainer introduces readers to fictional young friends who navigate financial waters and learn how God would have them deal with college choices, car loans, and retirement thoughts.


Personal finance
Vickie L. Bajtelsmit

Personal Finance, 2nd Edition offers essential skills and knowledge that will set students on the path to financial well-being throughout their lives. By focusing on real-world decision-making, Bajtlesmit engages a diverse student body by helping them make personal connections that can have an immediate impact on their current financial situation. Using a conversational writing style, relevant examples, and up-to-date coverage on important topics like student debt, students gain the knowledge they need to avoid early financial mistakes. By the end of the course, students have identified their goals and developed the problem-solving skills they need to build on their progress towards the next stages of life.


Predatory loans and destruction of the African-American dream
Janis Sarra, Cheryl L. Wade

Since the Great Recession of 2008, the racial wealth gap between black and white Americans has grown steadily. In this book, Janis Sarra and Cheryl Wade detail the reasons for this failure by analyzing the economic exploitation of African Americans, with a focus on predatory practices in lending processes. They also examine the failure of reform and litigation efforts ostensibly aimed at combating this form of racial discrimination. This research, supplemented by first-hand accounts, provides invaluable insight into the racial wealth gap by vividly illustrating the predation that targets African-American consumers and examining the intentionally obscure settlement terms of cases brought by the US Department of Justice, state and municipal attorneys.



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