The unrest at the St Francis Xavier Credit Union continues


By Khaila Gentle

BELIZE CITY, Mon 27 Jun 2022

The turmoil at St Francis Xavier Credit Union (SFXCU), the nation’s second-largest credit union, continues this month after the firing of two branch managers. According to a circular from the credit union‘s board of directors dated June 22, Caye Caulker branch manager Rafael Dominguez, Jr. and San Pedro branch manager Lina Garcia were both terminated “as a result of the violation of the St. Francis Xavier Credit Union”. ltd. code of ethics and misuse of confidential information.

The allegation against the two former branch managers is that they obtained and publicly disseminated confidential member information through fake accounts. The letter regarding their dismissal bears the signatures of all members of the credit union’s board of directors, including its president, Roy Smith.

In response, a group of people who call themselves the “Ad Hoc Committee for Change” and claim to represent credit union members released a statement on Friday condemning the firing of the two executives.

“Ms. Lina Garcia, San Pedro Branch Manager and Mr. Rafael Dominguez Jr., Caye Caulker Branch Manager, have received their release letters as employees of St. Francis Xavier Credit Union,” the report reads. Press release.

More than a month ago, more than a dozen credit union members protested what they believe was the wrongful termination of Rafael Dominguez, Sr., the credit union’s former general manager. . These members now condemn the firing of Garcia and Dominguez, Jr., both parents of the former general manager, saying it is a personal attack on the elder Dominguez and his team.

The credit union’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Sunday June 26th. The Change Committee said in its press release that the former chief executive is “ready to take over the reins” at the meeting and that members are in full support of him.

“The current board of directors continues to carry out intimidation and manipulation of all departments and staff of the credit union, with a vile and threatening approach of subjugation,” the statement read.

When the media caught up with him at the AGM, Dominguez, Sr. expressed his confidence that the members of the credit union have their backs. He also expressed hope that in credit union board elections later this year, members will be able to see the changes in credit union administration that they want.

Earlier in the year, the board sent a letter to Dominguez, Sr. informing him that his five-year contract, which was due to expire in April, would not be renewed. The decision, however, was challenged by members of the credit union who believe Dominguez adequately performed his duties while serving as general manager.


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